Authentic Relumins Advance White Stem Cell Therapy Intensive Repair & Brightening Serum-Deep Skin Brightening


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New Formula – With Juventide & Vivensea – Powerful Collagen Boosters – Brightens Skin While reducing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles

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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. by Missy

    I use this serum at night and it refreshes my skin and makes it glow,Good for anti aging.I will continue using it!

  2. by Tina

    It’s great for brightening, still waiting on my dark spots to lightening up…. maybe i need some more time. I have really deep dark spots . Too early to tell. I love the brightening effect so far. Goes well with the night cream

  3. by tenaya

    I used this product with vitamin c serum and my skin really looks amazing after 3 weeks of usage. use it twice a day with vitamin c serum. My skin feels younger and more even.

  4. by Diane

    This product has been great for tightening and firming, but not so great for lightening my skin. My skin seems to be getting darker from the use of these products. Very frustrating.

  5. by Charlotte Buchanan

    Excellent product 5 of 5

  6. by Chandra

    I initially planned to add some Relumins products to my existing regimen. I ended up ditching all of the other products I’d used (except for one) and (almost) exclusively using Relumins. I use the soap (the blue and white one), the toner, the serum (which this review is under), the facial day cream, the regular body lotion, and the daytime body lotion.
    The soap works like magic to clear/shrink my pores. It is very powerful so I only leave it on my skin for 30 seconds.
    The toner is gentle and calming.
    The serum is heavenly (and NOT oily). It is gentle enough to use around my eyes. It soaks in quickly and plumps the skin. I follow it with a moisturizer.
    The facial day cream has a whipped consistency that feels luxurious. I can also use this around my eyes without irritation. It leaves my face with a barely-perceptible powdered finish (which I really like) while, paradoxically, still somehow leaving my face with a dewy glow (like my young daughter’s skin is naturally).
    I use the regular body lotion at night and it has cleared the skin on my chest, back, and upper arms. It has also evened the tone of my skin and made my lower arms more youthful. I am very happy about that b/c I have not been good about protecting my arms from the sun, so I’m glad to see them improving and looking soft again.
    I use the daytime body lotion on exposed skin during the day. It takes longer to soak in than the regular lotion, but I love that it has the natural physical sun-blocking ingredients. (I am someone who has always been allergic to sunscreens, so I’m happy to find something with some protection and which doesn’t cause a rash.)
    All of these products combined have done more to clear and even-out the tone of my skin than anything I’ve ever tried. I wasn’t even expecting my acne and large pores to be affected by this when I started, so it was a NICE surprise bonus! I also love that these products are gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

  7. by Melodie Berntsen

    This product makes my face soft and elastic after using.i will definetely Recommend it.


    I used this product with another product to clear the scars left by acne and within 2-6 weeks, all the scars were completely without trace. My facial skin complesion and tone was completely transformed. When l decided to remove this product from my facial skincare regime as l had achieved my purpose for trying it in the first place, l noticed the silkiness l had previously was fading away. So l ordered more. I used to use cream base product on my face but this serum does magic for me. I love it.

  9. by lily

    I also got this,the bottle is very small compared to other serums I have used but it works.

  10. by june brown

    This serum is magic. A miracle whitener and healer. I have just purchased another three and will be getting more!

  11. by Jenniffer Reyna


  12. by Esther

    I have been using it for two weeks weeks now my skin looks stronger,brighter glowing and very healthy,all I do is in the morning I apply relumins cream then at night I wash my face and I put the serum when I wake up my skin looks fresh and smooth. I love,love I will continue to order. Thanks

  13. by Ste

    I started using this 2 months ago with the toner and the day cream, i had to ditch the day cream because it leaves a white cast on my face (i’m black so that looks horrible on me) but the toner and this serum work so so well together! I no longer have pimples and my dark marks are fading and my skin was looking so so smooth and silky and perfect! I stopped using the combo for a month and my skin still looks healthy and doesnt break out but i lost some of that silky glow and flawlessness so i just had to order some more! ive ordered 2 months worth so that i don’t run out…this serum has become my staple! i absolutely love it! works great on my stubborn oily dark skin so im sure it would work on any skin!

  14. by LAMIN K

    Works love it my skin looks like glass

  15. by eve

    Great serum , absorbs great, oil free, and I’m definitely seeing my skin change for the better , its reduced my post acne scars, certainly coming back for more

  16. by Michelle

    Love this serum so much. Have lots of great stuffs in it. Bought second bottle. Will keep using it.

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